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Cloud Servers

  • Automatic Failover
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Full Root Control


VPS Servers

  • Enterprise Grade
  • Optimized SSD Storage
  • Full Root Control


Dedicated Servers

  • High Performance
  • Highly Customizable
  • Smart Control Panel


  • I have used many hosting services for the past 5 years, and AquaNX VPS is one of the best. Fast, stable, and easy to use! We are glad we have found a good hosting company for our business!!!
  • Steven,www.bonystudio.com
  • AquaNX was really quick to setup our service, and their SAN based VPS solution is really fast and reliable. A great hosting company!
  • JAF International,www.rackmountnet.com
  • Great company. Definitely recommend them if you need a SF BAY AREA location. Network speeds are amazing, always able to hit that 100mbit port (which I love). Support is always responding (day or night, even weekends). Talk to Mike, he's always able to help out!
  • doughnet - WHT Addict,
  • AquaNX VPS support team has been great! They bent backwards (went way beyond "managed-to-OS") to ensure our word-press hosting is up and running in no time.. 2 thumbs up!
  • Coder Dojo SiliconValley,
  • As a long-time partner, AquaNX.com has been instrumental to our business and growth, who collaborates extensively with us on our Cloud offerings. Innovative, yet reliable!
  • Easy2Cloud,www.easy2cloud.com
  • Awesome company. Been with them for 2 months. Super fast support. Was very efficient and great network. Everywhere else in Bay Area wanted $100+ per month. Love it since I'm local. Definitely recommend them.
  • A WHT Addict,
  • AquaNX launches Cloud Server

    Nov. 15, 2013:  Available from our 3 Data Centers in Silicon Valley, AquaNX is launching our S

  • PCCW Addition To AquaNX Backbone

    April 28, 2013:  We have now added PCCW bandwidth to our AquaNX backbone. Covering more t

  • NLayer Addition To AquaNX Backbone

    Jan. 16, 2013:  We have now added GTT (NLayer) bandwidth to our AquaNX backbone. With

  • Metro Network For Multiple Sites

    Sept. 16, 2012:  We have now added Metro Network to connect our multiple sites together, s

  • 1G Unlimited Bandwidth Offering

    May 12, 2012: With our continued expansion of upstream provider partners and total bandwith cap

  • VPS Service Launch

    Nov. 18, 2011: AquaNX officially launched our AquaNX 512, AquaNX 768 VPS. These offerings are g

  • Fully Managed Servers Offer

    March 8, 2011: Many of our customers are too busy to manage the servers in AquaNX. Our Fully Managed

  • BGP Optimized Network Launched

    Oct. 25, 2010: After our recent additions of multiple 10G ports, coupled with our thorough engineeri

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